Who am I?



Samson is the name I took back in the early 90's as an internet moniker. It is a simple reference to my father, Sam. ie Sam's son. I know pretty clever eh? My real name is Shannon and I live in East Tennessee. I work for a chemical plant nearby and digital drawing is one of my hobbies, that is when I can find time.  I am not married and kinda enjoy solitude for the most part. I collect knives and other weaponry. I also like photography and am a hardcore gamer. I ride a custom Harley Ultra Classic and have always had a truck of some make , never a car. I despise crowds and am not a fan of people in general but if I like you there's not much I wont do for you. Former Navy, went in right out of high school and was medically discharged after an orthopedic injury rendered me ineligible for my job. I was an AW which stands for Antisubmarine Warfare Technician. Came home and went to school for while and ended up simply going to work at various small jobs until finally landing my current one at a local chemical plant that provided additional schooling and on the job training. I will be there 12 years in September of 2018.


Since the late 90's, when myself and 3 or 4 friends started building our own rigs and exploring the net, we all had grand ideas of our own websites and many an hour was spent writing code and struggling to figure out the latest trick in web design. My friends had a penchant for using "labs" after a name as basis for their websites so I came up with Samsonlabs. I soon began doing my own artwork, fooling around with a program called Photoshop. Afterwards, I graduated to Illustrator and began an obsession that has spanned almost 2 decades. Bryce, and 3DSMAX have made an appearance as well, but nothing ever took the place of Adobe. Life has a way of keeping you busy and at one point I had to back off of my obsession and concentrate on life in general, which is why I haven't touched this website in almost 10 years. I have recently gotten back into drawing again and its really nothing more than a hobby, making wallpapers and avatars and signature pictures for forum buddies. I also do alot of photo manipulations and restorations as well as logo design. I now use Adobe CC and am dabbling in Muse as well as reacquainting myself with Photoshop and Illustrator. I am nowhere near the best but I enjoy it as a hobby, which is all Im in it for. I don't usually do any work commercially but I have from time to time. I just dont have alot of free time to devote to a second job as a graphic artist unfortunately. I am on Facebook, so feel free to look me up if you like and say hello. That's what social media is for right? :)